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If it wasn’t already clear that television viewing on non-traditional forms can boost a program’s ratings profile, consider Fox’s “24: Live Another Day” — whose recent finale ended up drawing more viewers than the show’s official series-ender four years ago.

This is an impressive and telling feat given that in Nielsen’s “live plus same-day” estimates, the series finale significantly outdrew the conclusion of “Live Another Day” (9.0 million to 6.5 million). But once all non-linear viewing is tabulated, Fox projects that the “Live Another Day” finale will hit 10.7 million viewers, ahead of the 10.5 million who watched the series wrap in 2010.

The four years makes a big difference in audience measurement, as the delayed viewing of “24” in 2010 was limited to 1.5 million viewers who watched either within a week of the telecast on their DVR or within the first three days on Video-on-Demand. Last month’s finale of “24: Live Another Day,” meanwhile, garnered nearly twice as many viewers in the same window (2.9 million).

The 30-day multi-platform projected audience for “24: Live Another Day” is also padded by 1.3 million viewers who watched either on VOD after day 3 (500,000), on Hulu (600,000) or FOX NOW (200,000).