TOULOUSE, France– The Netherlands’ Submarine and Belgium’s Walking The Dog are teaming on “Fox and Hare,” a toon series project presented at Cartoon Forum, the Toulouse-set international animation confab.

“Fox and Hare” is one of the numerous toon projects based a popular children book being pitched at Cartoon Forum. It’s adapted from Sylvia Vanden Heede’s eponymous novel “Vos en Haas.” The 3D skein, which has a fairly traditional animation style, is a comedy-filled toon turning on the friendship between a good-humored fox and a sensitive and friendly hare, who live alongside a group of animals in a forest.

Submarine and Walking The Dog are producing with Germany’s JEP-Animation.

“‘Fox and Hare’ is funny and serves a purpose; it features an unusual set of animals representing young kids dealing with everyday problems,” said Submarine’s Bruno Felix, who’s attending Cartoon Forum.

The producer said he is in advanced negotiations with British international sales outfit Cake Entertainment and has received upbeat reactions from various broadcasters following today’s presentation at the mini-mart.

Submarine, which is competing for a Cartoon Tribute for best producer at the confab, is best known for producing Tommy Pallotta and Femke Wolting’s “The Last Hijack,” a multi-platform animated documentary chronicling Somalian pirates’ struggle to survive. Walking the Dog is a prominent Belgian outfit involved in TV series and features, including Berlin-preeming “Jack And The Cuckoo-Clock Heart.”