Nickelodeon has chosen the eight finalists to its second edition of the Global Animated Shorts Program, created to fast-track up-and-coming talent.

Selected out of more than 600 submissions,  Nickelodeon picked eight shorts spanning the UK, Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia, which will be developed into animated shorts. The announcement was made on the opening day of Cartoon Forum, the Toulouse-set TV animation showcase.

“Since launching the Global Animated Shorts Program internationally in 2012, we have been able to enhance our international pipeline with great new content, furthering our global mission: to make kids laugh,” said Nina Hahn, SVP of international production and development at Nickelodeon. “We look forward to working closely with all of the creators who have delivered fantastically inspired ideas that perfectly capture the heart of the Nickelodeon brand.”


Four of the finalists are from Ireland: “Duckmanboy,” a show about a lazy superhero who is half-man, half duck. It’s created by Louis Hudson and writer/director Ian Ravenscroft at Dice Productions. “Werebeast,” turning on a 13-year old warewolf and created by Welsh animator James Lancett. “Urchin” is created by award-winning illustrator and animator Hamish Steele, who notably created Nickelodeon’s short “Badly Drawn Animals.” It follows the adventure of three orphans who live in an industrial labyrinth filled with strange characters.

From Ireland, there’s also “Somewhere Awesome,” created by BAFTA-nominated Eamonn O’Neill and animator Marah Curran. It centers around three best friends working as problem-solving tour guides.

From Spain, Nickelodeon selected “Woodchips,” about a little boy who works as a lumberjack. It’s created by Barcelona-based animator Christian Villacanas.  The U.S. network selected Italy’s “Crazy Block,” about a fashion blogger named Bunny Lewis. It’s  created by Iginio Straffi, who’s behind Rainbow’s Winx Club; Canada’s “Joe Minkus,” created by Toronto-based animator Ben Anders; and Australia’s “Feebs and Mr. Timmins,” created Suren Perera (co-creator of “The Dukes of Broxstonia”).

The shorts will potentially air on Nickelodeon, as well as on all Nickelodeon platforms, and will also be considered for long-form development.

Cartoon Forum runs Sep.23-26.