CANNES — Beta Film has partnered with Sky Italia and the Italian production outfit Wildside on thriller series “1992.”

The production, which comprises 10 hour-long episodes, will be a highlight of Sky Italia’s 2015 slate.

It is set in the midst of the political turmoil in Italy at the beginning of the 90s, which led to the collapse of the First Republic and the launch of the “Mani Pulite” (Clean Hands) operation. As police and prosecutors dig deep into a web of illegal money transfers and organized crime, the power vacuum paves the way for new players, who seems to be mysteriously linked to one another.

“1992” is based on an idea of the Italian actor Stefano Accorsi (“The Last Kiss”), who also stars along with Guido Caprino (“War Story,” “In Treatment”), Domenico Diele (“All Cops Are Bastards”), Tea Falco (Bertolucci’s “Io e te”), Alessandro Roja (“Romanzo Criminale”) and Miriam Leone. The directors are Giuseppe Gagliardi and Gianluca Jodice. The writers are Stefano Sardo (“In Treatment”), Ludovica Rampoldi (“In Treatment,” “Gomorrah”) and Alessandro Fabbri (“In Treatment”).

The story follows a police investigator of the Mani Pulite pool; a young veteran of the first Gulf War elected to Parliament with the Lega Nord; a former prostitute who uses not only her beauty to achieve her personal goals; a highly ambitious advertising agent with a mysterious past; and the orphaned adult daughter of a rich entrepreneur overthrown by the Mani Puilte scandal.

Lorenzo Mieli, president of Wildside, said: “Italy was one of Shakespeare’s favorite settings for his tragedies. Here passion, ruthless ambition, sex, betrayal and intangible family ties all collide in the struggle for power. That’s what happened in our history, that’s what keeps happening today. And I think that’s what makes ‘1992’ universal: it’s breathtaking, it’s controversial, it’s true.”

Nils Hartmann, director of original productions at Sky Italia, said: “After the tremendous international success of ‘Gomorrah,’ ‘1992’ is the next extraordinary major project of Sky Atlantic HD for 2015.”