LONDON — Herbert L. Kloiber’s Tele München Group has taken all rights in German-speaking Europe to Ben Kingsley starring epic miniseries “Tut,” which is based on the life of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Muse Entertainment’s six-part action-adventure-thriller tells the story of Tutankhamun’s rise to power and his struggle to lead Egypt to glory, while his closest advisors, friends and lovers scheme for their own nefarious interests.

The drama, which is shooting on location in Morocco, also stars Avan Jogia (“Twisted”) as Tutankhamun and Alexander Siddig (“Clash of the Titans,” “Da Vinci’s Demons”).

“Tut” is being produced for Spike TV by Muse, whose historical drama “The Kennedys” earned 10 Emmy Award nominations, winning four. Its event series “Pillars of the Earth” also won an Emmy.

“Tut” is directed by David Von Ancken (“Hell on Wheels,” “Californication”), who is also an executive producer, and written by Michael Vickerman, Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg (“The Fosters”).

Joel S. Rice and Muse’s CEO Michael Prupas are executive producing “Tut.”

The project is also executive produced by Greg Gugliotta, Michael Vickerman, Elice Island Entertainment’s Jeremy Elice and Angela Mancuso.

Sharon Levy, executive VP, original series at Spike TV, also serves as an executive producer. Producers are Irene Litinsky and Guy Louthan.

Kloiber, managing director of TMG, said: “The budget and production value of this miniseries are impressive, the viewers will be taken on a real journey to the exotic and mysterious events in Ancient Egypt.”

Prupas said: “Tutankhamun is a name known around the world yet his life and death have been shrouded in mystery — until now. There is a deep fascination for the boy pharaoh around the world.”