CANNES–  France’s top commercial network Keshet Intl. has acquired Keshet’s new hit format “Boom!” in the run-up to MipTV, becoming the first international  broadcaster to come on board.

The show bowed on primetime on Keshet Broadcasting, Channel 2 Israel on April 3 and scored a record 41.2% share market share (14% above the average share for that time slot on Channel 2) and a 26.7% rating.

Per Keshet, the roll-out of “Boom!” marked highest-rated game show launch ever in Israel. It’s outperformed  other popular formats like “Million Pound Drop” and “Raid the Cage.”

“Boom!” sets a squad of four players who must answer trivia questions correctly within a strict time limit in order to defuse eight replica bombs. The nominated player must defuse one bomb per question by cutting through colored wires that represent multiple choice answers. If the player answers correctly, the prize money remains intact and they move to the next bomb. If f they cut the wrong wire, or run out of time, the bomb explodes strewing material across the studio and shaking the set.

MipTV takes place April 7-10 in Cannes.