PARIS — Nicolai Cleve Broch (“Max Manus”) and Lena Endre (“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”) have joined the cast of Miso Film’s Norwegian crime drama series “Acquitted.”

The show, which is now set to go into production on April 24, also stars Synnove Macody Lund (“Headhunters”), Tobias Santelmann (“Kon-Tiki”), Fridtjov Saheim (“The Half Brother”), Henrik Rafaelsen (“Lilyhammer”), Ellen Dorrit Petersen (“Blind”) and Ingar Helge Gimle (“The Third Eye”).

Penned by Siv Rajendram Eliassen (“Those Who Kill”) and Anne Bache-Wiig, the character-driven series follows Aksel Borgen, a businessman who left his home town after being acquitted of the murder of his high school sweetheart and spent 20 years working in Asia. When Borgen returns to his hometown to save its cornerstone business from bankruptcy, he realizes the past has not been forgotten as he faces old wounds and others’ judgment.

Geir Henning Hopland (“Lilyhammer”) and Rune Denstad Lango (“North”) are on board to direct the skein, which looks to be one of the most compelling Nordic crimers to go into production this year.

“After many years of interesting crime series coming out of Scandinavia, ‘Acquitted’ is a strong character driven drama like ‘The Legacy’ and ‘Borgen,’ that expands the creativity and storytelling in Nordic TV series that not only fascinates but also gives huge emotional impact,” said Jonas Allen, Miso Film producer.

Christopher Haug, commissioning editor for TV 2 Norway, said, “‘Acquitted’ had a strong fundamental conflict that generate distinct characters and progress. The viewer will be captured by the unsolved murder case, powerful characters and when you add the spectacular landscape and the story about an isolated and threatened community you have both identification and fascination.”