Endemol Inks Pact with Ileen Maisel, Lawrence Elman’s Amber

Amber productions include 'Romeo and Juliet,' adapted by Julian Fellows and starring Hailee Steinfeld

Romeo & Juliet Review

LONDON — Production and distribution giant Endemol has inked an exclusive first-look development and distribution pact with U.K. producer Amber Television, which is run by former Hollywood studio exec Ileen Maisel and docu filmmaker Lawrence Elman.

The three-year deal will see Endemol provide development funding and deficit financing in return for exclusive first-look distribution rights on Amber Television output.

Recent Amber productions include “Romeo and Juliet,” adapted by Julian Fellows and starring Hailee Steinfeld (Coen brothers’ “True Grit”), and “Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism,” a film based on the books by Georgia Byng. Upcoming projects include “Stratton: First into Action,” starring Henry Cavill, “London’s Falling,” directed by Simon Aboud, and “The Perfect Assassin,” adapted by Andy Briggs, and fully financed by SND in France.

Maisel and Elman joined forces in 2009 as directors of Amber Entertainment. In the 1980s, Maisel served as VP of production at MGM/UA, and senior VP at Lorimar Pictures, where she supervised the production of “Dangerous Liaisons,” winner of three Academy Awards. In 1989, she became senior VP of European production at Paramount Pictures, and in 1994, a consultant to Fine Line Features’ European Division.

In 1998, she joined New Line Cinema as senior VP of European production and acquisitions, where she oversaw the production of films like “The Golden Compass” and “Inkheart.”

Elman is the founder and a director of Drive Thru Pictures. He has produced and directed numerous documentaries including the BAFTA winning “Nine Lives of Alice Martineau.” He has worked extensively with the BBC on documentaries such as “Office Tigers” and “The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World.” He also produced and directed “John Mortimer: A Life in Words.”