LYON, France– Discovery Italy has picked up “Dofus: Kerub’s Bazaar,” the TV series based on Ankama’s online role-playing vidgame Dofus.


Deal was unveiled at Cartoon Movie, the co-production forum dedicated to European animated films.

“Dofus” will be broadcast for the first time ever in Italy on K2, one of Discovery Italia’s free-to-air children’s channel, on March 10.

The vidgame is highly popular: It attracts 2.5 million players each month.

“Dofus players and newcomers will finally be able to enjoy our TV show in Italian. With the broadcast of the Kerub’s Bazaar, it’s another part of Ankama’s trans-media universe that is brought to Italy thanks to K2,” declared Olivier Comte, Ankama’s managing director and CEO. “Players will even have the chance to meet the main character of the series, Kerub, in the game and non-players will discover this touching character.”

Show, comprising 52 episodes of 13-minutes, bowed in France on France 3 in 2013.

In other Dofus-related news, Ghenos Games will be distributing Krosmaster, the first board game collection of the Krosmoz universe.