‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Theo Rossi on the Show’s Final Ride, Producing and the Future

Theo Rossi Sons of Anarchy Adam Amengual
Adam Amengual for Variety

Theo Rossi’s wild ride from guest star to survivor on “Sons of Anarchy” is ending — along with the show — after seven years. Next up: “Bad Hurt,” a feature he produced and in which he stars, with Karen Allen and Michael Harney.

How surprised are you to be one of the last men standing on “Sons of Anarchy?”

You go back to the beginning, and if you told me that Ron Perlman and all these people would be gone, then I would have said, “Well, obviously, we’re not on the air anymore.” I think the brilliance of “Sons of Anarchy” is this world Kurt Sutter’s created.

Is producing something you got into to control the material you get?

I’ve always been a pretty big film buff. And I started to find myself not going to the movies because I had no interest in these big, giant movies. I decided my next step would be to do my own. My ignorance, my not knowing how complex it was, is probably why I got started.

Are you eager to do another series?

You know the old adage: If you want to make an actor miserable, give him a job. I’m the polar opposite. I love to work.

You got into acting late, but began working right away. What do you tell people about breaking in?

There was no plan B for me. I didn’t have any other options. If you tell yourself you have no other option, you have to do it.