CBS Corp. has elevated Shannon Jacobs to senior VP of communications. The announcement was made Monday by Dana McClintock, exec VP of communications, to whom Jacobs will continue to report.

Jacobs will now manage the New York-based corporate communications team and help to create and execute communications strategy across all of the company’s businesses. She will also continue to head media relations for all of CBS Television’s corporate functions, including ad sales, research, affiliate relations, governmental and legal affairs, program practices and engineering.

“Shannon has been a key player for us since the day she walked in the door,” McClintock said in a statement. “She is a talented and strategic communicator whose hard work and many contributions have made her an integral part of our department, as well as a respected advisor to executives throughout the company. Gil Schwartz and I are extremely pleased to promote her; having worked closely with Shannon for the last eight years, there is no one I’d rather have by my side as we continue to tell the great story of the CBS Corporation.”

Jacobs, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, joined the company as VP of CBS Communications Group in 2005 as CBS was preparing to become a standalone entity apart from Viacom. She previously served for four years as director of corporate communications at NBCUniversal, where she led media relations for divisions including research, standards and practices, legal and regulatory affairs.

Earlier in her career, Jacobs spent four years on Capitol Hill and worked as a press aide to U.S. House Democratic leader Richard A. Gephardt and later as communications director and chief spokesperson for Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

During the 1996 presidential election, Jacobs worked for Viacom’s MTV News during its “Choose or Lose” campaign coverage and coordinated events with all three major presidential candidates, celebrities and newsmakers as well as coverage of the Democratic and Republican debates and conventions.

The Nebraska native also served as an associate at Washington, D.C., consulting firm Robinson Lake Sawyer Miller as a writer and research analyst at the Bureau of National Affairs in Georgetown.