‘Hannibal’ Season Finale Proves Series Should Have Skipped Third Course (SPOILERS)

Hannibal Season Finale

Give showrunner Bryan Fuller and company credit for getting this much mileage out of NBC’s “Hannibal” prequel, which — given its relationship with the movies — seemed like a high-wire act from the get-go. Yet watching the second-season finale the prevailing sense was that their contortions to prolong the series have simply made all the principal players look inept, setting up more cat-and-mouse games that have already fairly well exhausted their welcome.

NBC renewed the series for a third season, largely due to the favorable license fee thanks to all of the international deals secured by Gaumont Intl. Still, if ever a concept cried out for the “limited series” label that in theory has become so popular these days, this was surely it.

Instead (and SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched), the finale settled for a close that left most of the characters sitting around choking on their own blood. Even the usually reliable Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) must be off his game, since if those novels still have any validity, at least two of his would-be victims don’t wind up dead.

Frankly, the season’s framing device — opening with a brutal fight between the FBI’s Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) and connoisseur/psychopath Hannibal — almost overwhelmed the show. Sure, there were arresting images, food pornography and creative mutilations throughout, but given what had been telegraphed as coming and the tension-filled build-up, it at times felt like the writers were simply killing time (and a whole lot else, admittedly) while waiting to get to the main course.

Based on the finale, presumably, the next season shifts to a search for Hannibal. But that’s a less interesting concept than where the series began — with evil incarnate essentially hiding in plain sight — and strictly in practical terms, there’s the little matter of Fishburne having already taken a role in the ABC sitcom “Black-ish.”

Mikkelsen has certainly put his own imprint on the Lecter character, but Hugh Dancy’s manhunter Will Graham has gone through extended paces that became increasingly strained. And while there were opportunities to further flesh out the mythology — including Michael Pitt’s hair-raising (literally) turn as the young Mason Verger, leading to the point where Hannibal drugged him and talked him into peeling away most of his own face — as “Bates Motel” has discovered, spinning those plates for too long is a delicate proposition.

All told, “Hannibal” remains a marketable title largely because of the rightful admiration harbored for the Oscar-winning “Silence of the Lambs.” Unfortunately, the franchise has been greedily muddled by continuing to mine the material, including  the bad theatrical sequel of the same name as the series, based on Thomas Harris’ even worse book.

So while NBC and Gaumont obviously had pragmatic financial reasons to keep “Hannibal” alive, creatively speaking, pick your metaphor: A) The writers have bitten off more than they could chew; or B) stick a fork in it, it’s done.







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  1. DavidGS says:

    It’s a pretentious show for pretentious artsy people. The story telling sucks, granted its a story we all know so I guess they had to try something “Different” to catch people off-guard to make them keep watching but… It fails, HARD. The slow-motion surreal water droplets and antlers, all of it… The absurd murders, the bland characters, the complete lack of acting — boring emotionless performances, lol every episode I watch I catch myself staring at the screen like “Wtf?!?” It just comes out of nowhere and it makes no sense, its not deep, its moronic and it kills the pace of the show, seriously, WTF? As soon as I get into an episode and I start moving closer toward the screen BAM! PRETENTIOUS FILLER! Too much visual focus, its all visual, not much of anything else. Considering they have someone like Laurence Fishbourne on the cast you would expect some powerful scenes but nope… Its a picture book. Mads is awesome and I like his Hannibal, its just the style of the show that sucks. It feel like I drank a bottle of Robitussin and tried watching a tv show — bits and pieces remain but when its all over you just shake your head like you saw something extremely bizarre and then you immediately forget about it. I gave this show so many chances smh… All the pieces are there, great actors, big names, it’s Hannibal Lecter for god’s sake. Everything they need is right there but they didn’t use any of it, some pretentious douche-bag in charge of the show insists on sticking to the “artistic” format — every episode makes me feel like I watched a documentary on the amazing world of insects.

  2. Some context would be nice Mr. Lowry.
    What shows do you find brilliant, so we know your taste (pun intended)?

    I personally loved Twin Peaks, Sherlock, Luther, Firefly, Being Human (UK Version, not the USA remake).
    My favorite film maker is Tarantino.
    I think that I have excellent taste.

    Hannibal IS currently the best show on TV.
    I read and loved the Thomas Harris novels in the 80’s & 90’s and have seen all of the films.

    These are the ways that Hannibal is brilliant!
    1. Cinematography
    2. Score
    3. Production Design
    4. Acting performances
    5. Directing
    6. Costume
    7. Script/dialogue
    8. Plot structure
    9. Editing
    10. Respect and creative use of the source material

    If you would like to have a friendly debate over the quality of any of these, I would be more than happy to explain.

    The “killing time” that you spoke of, I believe is called character development. You don’t really see it a lot on network TV, so I can’t blame you for not recognizing it.

    Hugh Dancy’s portrayal of Will Graham is the only time I felt I was seeing an actor portraying the Will Graham that I read about in Red Dragon 30 years ago (sorry Peterson and Norton).

    Will Graham is STILL a more interesting fictional profiler, than the countless copies he has inspired.

    Bryan Fuller has put together an all star team at the top of the games and has made, what I had feared would be a total train wreck, something truly special and when all is said and done, may even surpass “Silence of the Lambs” as the quintessential Thomas Harris adaptation.

  3. zeestonerkyd says:

    I apologise to the person I just replied to, I was trying to talk to that idiot Samir Trejo. Also, to the person who wrote this: what made you approach the series with this predisposition? Hannibal ISN’T very marketable if you’re looking at viewership, the franchise isn’t what it’s based on, but the characters, and what fucking show were you watching? It’s not about creative murders, arresting visuals or food pornography, it’s about THE CHARACTERS. The reason there’s so much psychoanalysis in the show is because it’s committed to making the audience better understand the characters and the motivation behind their choices and actions. Maybe you watch The Good Wife for the suits? Or The Sopranos for the murders? Or Breaking Bad for the “explosive” moments? Understand that you’re taking unwarranted and largely undefined pot-shots at a show for a season that hasn’t happened yet after one of the best seasons of TV to come out in quite some time.

    • farlas says:

      Normally I would get on here and write a 20 page dissection of Hannibal just to prove Mr. Lowry’s ignorance and apparent lack of taste but that will not be necessary in this particular case since merely agreeing with Mr. Zeestonerkyd will do. Well said good sir… well said..

    • shad says:

      totally agree. Hannibal is THE best series on TV, hands down. It’s also the ONLY TV series to score 100% on Rottentomatoes.com! It requires some use is the organ between your ears though, perhaps that’s why Mr Lowry does not like it.

  4. Samir Trejo says:

    One of the best shows on TV, yeah sure, if you love see how women are disproportionately more exposed to humilliating murder, the terror towards women is also worse, esterilization, abuse (Margot Verger), the colorblind racism that was Beverly’s dad who also fulfills the long known trope of Woman in the Refrigerator along with Abigail (both women play it as plot devices for Will’s narrative), queerbaiting with Will and Hannibal, something Bryan has openly acknowledged while also ackwnoledging Alana is just a device for Will and Hannibal’s story, while losing her agency and having to recuperate, something the men don’t have to do in their usual narratives, and only Will as the neurodivergent character had to also fight for gaining back.

    And just in general misogyny adorned with pretty cinematography and artsy killings, keep up the good work trashcans, keep catering to the male gaze, keep catering to white imbeciles who know shit about the horror genre, and keep catering to Bryan Fuller, who killed Beverly Katz because she no longer was needed or Bella who is set to die soon, both woc that are alive till the Red Dragon storyline, along with, o surprise, Abigail Hobbs.

    Say what you want about Harris’ transphobia and queerphobia (two things he villanizes in Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal books), he at least respected his women enough to let them live and have her own heroic narratives, I hope Fuller never gets his hands on Clarice’s narrative, the asshole already said she wants to devoid her of any agency and give her to Hannibal as fucking prize meat.

    tl;dr: i support this article, bryan fuller has fucked up the books storyline by being a misogynist, racist, queerphobic fuck while attempting to cater to the white cishet male gaze (yeah he might be gay himself, u can still be pretty queerphobic to other lgbt members as he proved with margo’s abuse storyline)

  5. giantslor says:

    Not only is Hannibal one of the best shows on TV right now, but the season two finale was one of the greatest hours of television ever.

    This article tells me all I need to know about the author. He is an idiot with no taste.

    • Not this ddipshit says:

      good for you, moron troll

      continue watching godawful tv shows ; )

    • zeestonerkyd says:

      Yes. Because Fuller didn’t centre an entire show on a strong female protagonist and give her a heart in Dead Like Me, fight with executives over a lesbian kiss in Wonderfalls or give Jack Crawford a persona completely devoid of racial undertones. You do realise that characters aren’t always representative of their creators, don’t you? Fuller is misogynistic in the way that the world is misogynistic. He’s taking from the reality the characters live in, he’s not saying, “This is how it should be.” Grow up and take your shitty, angry shtick to a series that deserves it. Take a shot at The Walking Dead or fucking Scandal for how much like caricatures their characters are. You embarrass yourself. And, by the way, subverting the “Woman in the Refrigerator” trope is exactly why we assumed Abigail died. No doubt, she’ll remain in the series as Will’s sense of self at the river. Get a grip, fucktard, and attack the dozens of other monotonous, useless, stereotype-perpetuating cesspools on TV instead of trying to demonise a show that’s actually deserving of its viewership.

  6. dontknowwhatyourtalkingabout says:

    Wow. You’re really stupid. This is one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s my own fault for thinking someone who writes about television may actually know a good show when it’s on. Or you could just be one of those hacks who just wants to be different and not give praise to a show that most other reviewer are already praising. Either way, you sound stupid.

  7. Ann Romeo says:

    One of the best on tv. not sure what the reviewer was seeing, but Season 2 even better than Season 1. Thank you NBC for putting Hannibal on the air.

  8. Isabella says:

    Seriously??!!! Hannibal is not only the best TV series in a LONG time, it is also a remarkable piece of audio and visual with outstanding performances. I LOVED every single show and is pretty much the only reason why I am still paying for cable!

  9. This is just another example why i don’t let critics or reviews telling me what is and what not to watch
    Plainly Mr. Lowry just want to stand out in his review by whining irritably about a show, that is unlike other show on TV nowadays, that is so richly and elaborately constructed it feels like you’re having your last meal on earth
    Or probably he just dying to find out if Hannibal will consider him as meal course material with all this rudeness in his review ?? The things people do to get on the spotlight is just….. *pheew*

    • giantslor says:

      Usually critics are a lot smarter that Mr. Lowry, and in fact Hannibal has been getting critical raves. I trust critics more than the general public, which has been staying away from Hannibal in droves.

  10. Darren says:

    Mr. Lowry, how is this even a review? You are simply complaining about circumstances that have nothing to do with the quality of the show or the content of its episodes. How can you say season 3 will not be as interesting when all you know is simplest generalization of it? You can’t possibly know whether or not the events of next season will be compelling television or not, but I have faith that Bryan Fuller will get the job done, because this past season was the best season of TV I have seen since Breaking Bad’s 2nd only to Breaking Bad’s final season. You are the ONLY critic that gave a negative review. If this show doesn’t entertain you then I can’t imagine what would.

    • Me says:

      OMG he’s the ONLY critic who gave a bad review! (not true at all, moron)
      he MUST be wrong then since majority opinions are ALWAYS correct, just look at the Nazis!

      UGH pathetic butthurt child get back to watching your godawful crap while kicking and screaming some more X )

      • Sophie says:

        That was a jerk thing to say.
        Also, have you even watched more than an episode of the show? Because anyone who has knows it’s amazing.
        (Unless you have a weak stomach. It’s ok to stop watching because the show has to much gore for you. It’s not ok to troll others when your haven’t watched the show).

  11. Norma says:

    I think that NBC made the right call in extending Hannibal for another season. Is it a risk, of course. Visually stunning, with intelligent writing, it surpasses many of the dramas being aired. I do agree that this upcoming season will face some obstacles as far as the story arc is concerned. Let’s just hope the writers have a few tricks up their sleeves.

    • Corey says:

      Bryan Fuller has 6 or 7 seasons planned at this point, plus three novels still to draw inspiration from (four if he can somehow get the rights to Silence of the Lambs). I don’t think fans have to worry about this show running out of steam any time soon.

  12. Will kittle says:

    I appreciate criticisms about television and literature mainly for one reason: it shows the education and thought process of the critic. I enjoy Hannibal and the unique angle the show has chosen to pursue. However, without wanting to spoil things for casual viewer, I can give the general audience an easy word to relearn: metaphor. Hannibal is a genius, surviving in his own mind and approaching situations in his own mental frame of consciousness. Rewatch season 2 finale and think: if I was a cannibalistic killer and fleeing, even in my own mind, what type of ending would I give those who have led to my demise? The deaths of characters we know aren’t dead is a giveaway.
    I hope I have you thinking.
    Ta ta.

  13. I realize every critic has his/her own style and not to beat on a dead horse, but other great reviews (and not just because they’re pro “Hannibal”): Mary Powers of tvgoodness.com and Alan Sepinwall of hitfix.com. I’ve taken the time to write multiple comments because it’s been a very long time since I’ve felt so strongly about a TV show, one that I anxiously awaited every Friday night for and now eight months or so and felt this review did a total disservice to it. Thank you Bryan Fuller and Co. as well as NBC for having the courage to renew the show.

  14. Bridget L. Augustino Wilke maybe you should apply for a job as a TV critic for Variety Mag, your commentary was far superior than Mr. Lowry’s “review” and as much as I would like to be respectful, I cannot help but feel that Mr. Lowry is either not up to the task or simply does not like this show. I mean, this is what passes for a season ending “review”?

    Creatively speaking, Mr. Lowry, this is one of the finest TV programs I have seen in my 51 years. There are some shows that excel in some areas and are not up to par in others, but this show contrary to your writing metaphors, ranks as one of the best written, followed by all the requisite creative elements: acting, directing, cinematography, music, etc. Perhaps you might want to check Kevin Yeoman’s reviews on Screen Rant and watch the episodes again with that insight in mind, perhaps you will attain an appreciation for a masterful work of quality television, outstanding acting from not only the principal actors but also supporting cast (none inept), week in and week out. I don’t claim it to be perfect, but it sure as hell comes close to it.

    Adnan Riaz said it best in the nouse.co.uk opening review:

    Hannibal’s final episode of season two is a journey which concluded quite possibly one of the best seasons which television has seen in a long time. Not only has the show remained consistent over the course of season two, but its finale reiterates why no other show deserved a renewal more than Hannibal did.

    • While every one is entitled to his/her own opinion (I don’t always agree), it is strange that someone could look at two seasons of a absolutely brilliant show, one that breaks all conventions of TV story telling and think that the 3rd season will have the rather pedestrian convention of just chasing Hannibal. When I read reviews like this, I’m hit with two thoughts; either the reviewer didn’t understand what the hell he was looking at, or they didn’t actually watch any of it, and based their critic on information from press releases. And to think, he actually gets paid for this ( insert head scratch)!

  15. Adam says:

    The fact he has preemptively decided Season 3 will be nothing more than a search for Hannibal leads me to believe he didn’t fully watch the show from beginning to end.

  16. Wow, maybe Hannibal isn’t as fantastic as I thought it was. Then again, maybe the guy who thinks Modern Family and The Good Wife (yes, that show is still on) is great tv, I shouldn’t beat myself up too much for not agreeing.

    • JoelR says:

      Is that true? I could never get through more than 10 mins of the lame and insipid Modern Family. Pure pap that makes The Beverly Hillbillies seem sophisticated . But it certainly would explain this article

  17. carterfrancis says:

    What else do you expect from a writer who thinks Modern Family is genius?

  18. BlowryFan! says:

    I think I’ve figured it out… I think Lowry actually loved all of Hannibal, he probably thought the finale was the best thing he’s ever watched on television. He probably sits at home and cries himself to sleep just thinking about how great that finale was. He has vivid dreams imagining that he is the Will Graham to Mads’ Lecter.

    But look at how many comments he’s gotten on this post? 45+ already? He seems to only get comments if he goes off and tears a good show to shreds. Same thing with the Agents of Shield finale, not that it’s anywhere on the same level as Hannibal, but the finale was generally well liked. Lowry however criticized it so his article actually got a fair number of comments. He was relevant once again for being out of touch.

    Lazy writing. You’re a genius, Lowry!

  19. Julienne says:

    Love this Series! But, Hannibal killed everybody! Where’s he going to live now?

    • JoelR says:

      Did he really kill everybody? I only saw ONE definitive death. And did any of it REALLY happen? Hannibal didn’t have a scratch on him in the airplane. Where will he live? Uh…going by the ending, I’d guess…France?l

  20. Edward says:

    Wrong. Most delicious show on TV.

  21. bkbuglet says:

    Wow…this couldn’t be a worse review. this comes off to me as someone who doesn’t actually understand the show and only wants what they had in the movies and books, but the show is an adaptation not a retelling of the exact same events in the exact same way.
    and I’m sorry but BAD WRITING? and insulting Hugh Dancy’s magnificent portrayal of Will Graham? Piss off with this nonsense.

  22. Ryan Jason says:

    How the hell could you bash a show so good. From everything to the writing and the artistic work on this is nothing like we have ever seen, and its on channel 4! And the finale…cmon who do you have a grudge with don’t take it out on this masterpiece of a show. Variety has to step up its game.

  23. woosaa says:

    Ridiculous article by a ridiculous writer. Hannibal is one of the most intriguing, well acted and visually stunning series I’ve ever seen. Dialogue alone between Hannibal and others keeps you at the edge of your seat, week after week. Can’t wait for season 3 and hopefully more to follow. It will be on my dvd shelf when it is all said and done.

  24. Yuri says:

    Are we watching the same show? The main characters are flawless and the actors are doing an amazing job engaging the audience. Not only is this show visually estimulating, it is well thought out and interesting. Too bad you cannot appreciate a goid program, and as for me, I will not be following your reviews anymore.

  25. Greg says:

    Yeah….won’t be back to this site for reviews.

  26. Jacques Strappe says:

    Murder porn with Downton Abbey pretensions. Mr. Lowry’s review is being a bit too generous to this overrated show that is all style and little to no substance. It’s anemic, cancellation-worthy ratings are a reflection of good taste for those who choose to not watch, rather than representing an inability to appreciate some masterful form of high brow entertainment, as rabid, delusional fans claim.

  27. Steve says:

    Seriously, this review is awful. WOW. You obviously don’t understand the show or what it is about. It truly might be the most beautiful and masterfully crafted show on television right now.

  28. ej haynes says:

    Very good review and very accurate!

  29. mrhuk says:

    Hannibal is the best show on TV right now, it’s so well written and executed I find it unbelievable that you would give it such a bad review.

  30. Les Gordon Blow says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about, and based on your bad writing I’m wondering how in God’s name you got a job with Variety. I completely disagree with your analysis. This show is outstanding among the string of lacklustre, lazy and studio-driven to the point of creative failure TV thrillers (American Horror Story, Bates Motel). This interpretation of the Hannibal mythology has succeeded at being beautifully terrifying and provocative where all others (except of course Silence of the Lambs) have failed.

  31. casemoney says:

    Can we stop with the ‘you don’t understand the show’ rhetoric? If you’re enjoying the show, I’m happy for you, but it really is not that deep.

  32. Liam says:

    Isn’t this considered to be one of the best series on network?
    Comparable to what they are doing on cable?
    I mean, there are a lot of series on television (especially network) that should be put to sleep; Grey’s entering it’s 11th season this fall, NCIS (I’ve lost count), CSI, and so on and so on – I really don’t believe that Hannibal is in the category of shows that have “worn out their welcome”.

    First time I ever read a review of a TV-show here, and certainly the last – you have every right to have your own taste and opinion – I just think it’s a down right bad one.

  33. this review is not at all reflective of the eclectic fan base for this show and seems to have been written in a silo; fair game, as any given reviewer/critique is an opinion. Still, the resounding success of the 2nd season and the thousands of similar “bravados” posts voluntarily -and necessarily, provided by viewers as a means of respect and used to share their feelings about the juxtaposition of Hannibal and Will Graham as revolving protagonists and antagonists, surely portray a different and more comprehensive ideal of the show and 2nd season finale as brilliant, beautiful, heartbreaking, and achingly-symbolic cinematic achievement of the highest order (and not limited to, or exclusive of, network or cable programming; within the broader scope of cinematic history). The depth of feeling verbally expressed by these legions of fans is also not tethered to any one aspect of the story in terms of horror, debasement, refined upper-class culture, picturesque shots, acting prowess or even story plots and/or character arch such that the fan base is marginalized to simple group stereotypes or limited cinematic experience. Rather, it is the recognition of these devices as a whole wherein even the most limited and single-celled viewer realizes the beauty of aspects not fully understood.

    It seems, too, that this reviewer’s notion that the writers misused the spaces of time (i.e., “killing time”) has not the literary appreciation for nuance and perfectly rich sequencing of events that allowed the story to be told with an emotional depth. In fact, it is within the unspoken, nonverbal spaces the viewer gains the most knowledge of the characters. The use of symbolism to express unspoken words increases the power of the dialogue and wraps the spoken language in a cocoon of meaning that could never be extended otherwise.

    • Mike Powell says:

      Here Here Ms. Wilke ! Hannibal is exquisite and the finale was breathless/breathtaking – shockingly beautiful. There. Now I feel better as I have spoken eloquently. Good job everyone! Hannibal is awesome!

    • Best comment I’ve read anywhere of “Hannibal”, Ms. Augustino Wilke! Check out, if you haven’t, Kevin Yeoman’s reviews on Screen Rant.

    • Les Gordon Blow says:

      Thank you. You wrote so eloquently what I was too lazy to put into words. Long live Hannibal.

  34. I just feel sorry that you cannot enjoy a TV Series so well written and visually challenging as this one. You should stick to the mainstream garbage that most viewers swallow everyday.

  35. Marie says:

    Mr. Brian Lory, I believe you are on the wrong side of TV reviewing. I am not certain you have the necessary refined qualities in aesthetic and rhetoric to evaluate such show as Hannibal. It would be more wise, perhaps, for you to review shows as Duck Dinasty or other alike productions. Best luck.

  36. PETER says:

    Patrick, chill out. Who needs HANNIBAL? Who needs those disgusting images week after week. Too bad so much talent is wasted on such crap. DEXTER’S brutality was a hit, so they gave us HANNIBAL on NBC prime time. The worse was that the story and plotting became ridiculous, improbable, unbelievable. Again, the show is very well done, the two main actors are wonderful, but HANNIBAL is stupid. Brian Lowry is right on the button criticizing this dumb ass show.

  37. George says:

    The Following on Fox is creative failure. Hannibal has embraced nuance which is something that rarely anything on broadcast network TV does. This show basically one of the few prestigious TV shows on the network. It has great artistic direction and cast of actor’s. It occasionally use tropes with highest execution. This show has always has had operatic things about it but generally their is a payoff.

    You should go back and marathon all of season 2. Hannibal is not something that reached its peak its one of fews shows on network tv that needs to be celebrated for being progressive and quality tv. The Networks are in a creative limbo.

  38. Daniel says:

    It’s a shame that sites like Variety need to post this review simply to gain traffic and revenue. Its fine to disagree with story but you cannot deny that this show is so well put together, elegant in it’s design and for consumers who enjoy quality. To all the Hannibal fans out there, what an exciting dinner party we had this year!!

  39. Patrick says:

    Have you not watched the show??? It is the best show on TV right now,and it better go the seven years it said it would!!! You Sir are a ass hole,and do not know what you are talking about!!! So your column sucks so you bad mouth the show, do your job the right way!

    • Jack D Ripper says:

      When I read this comment I can’t help but do it in Archer’s voice..

      As for Hannibal, kept hoping it would improve, but it just got even worse and more ridiculous.
      Caters* to a pretentious crowd who think they are above the csi crowd..

      *Nice pun eh?

  40. tomcruisetv says:

    what a turkey, numbskulls running NBC renewing this junk

  41. kbilly says:

    Are you serious Brian?! The first half of the episode, a flurry of disjointed scenes with the ticking clock soundtrack building up to the confrontation that we all knew was coming, was the most brilliant and cinematic thing I’ve seen on tv. Ever. And the final scene was just glorious. So well done.

    I don’t think I’ll be reading any of your articles again.

  42. BlowryFan! says:

    I totally agree with you!

    Oh… wait, no… I don’t. I just thought it would be hilarious if someone actually agreed with your abysmal review of a show that is without a doubt one of the best television programs that’s ever been made, especially for a broadcast network. But clearly the resounding voice is that your taste is skewed and you’d have better luck just reviewing episodes of reality TV shows.

  43. sasan says:

    “””, it at times felt like the writers were simply killing time (and a whole lot else, admittedly) while waiting to get to the main course.””” yes sometimes they did that but in my opinion when we look at it as whole, the second season was far better than the first one and the season final episode was almost a masterpiece, they should add more speed and suspense/conflict to the third season with faster mini resolutions.

  44. bhammel103 says:

    Do not get where you are coming from. This is an amazing show and it is in capable hands.

  45. Are you sure you’ve been watching the same show as the rest of us? The season 2 finale was brilliant and there is still so much more of the Hannibal story to explore.

  46. Kyle says:

    This review is laughable. Reviewer clearly is off base with this series’ intention.

  47. rs1981 says:

    I love this show and last night’s episode knocked me for a loop or two. By the time it ended, I turned to my husband and said “Well I didn’t see THAT coming ! Did you ?” We love the twists and we can’t wait to see how it gets resolved next season. This is an amazing show.

  48. Miles Spencer says:

    This is likely to be the most idiotic and I’ll-conceived article I read about the Hannibal finale. I’m not so sure that you’re even watching the same show as me. Nice try, but you missed the mark.

  49. Laura says:

    That’s just, like, your opinion, man (and it’s wrong, by the way. )

  50. F S N says:

    Reblogged this on Global News Now.

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