The highlight of Amy Poehler’s night? Not co-hosting a live telecast seen by millions around the world, or winning her first trophy for “Parks and Recreation.”

For Poehler it was an up-close and personal memory that she’ll carry with her from this night: “Kissing Bono.”

Poehler was characteristically offbeat backstage in talking about her first big kudos win after many noms.

“It’s kind of weird being a winner. It’s kind of fun being a loser,” she said.

The recognition for NBC’s “Parks” in its sixth season was meaningful for the entire troupe, Poehler said. The show had been on the bubble for a renewal next season, but Poehler’s win may have tipped the scales in favor of renewal.

Although she was nearing the end of what had to be a marathon workday, Poehler showed compassion for the assembled scribes backstage.

“Have you guys been in here all night,” she asked. “Oh my god. You’re almost done.”