Cops Called to Oscar Wilde Awards as Conan O’Brien Is Honored

U.S.-Ireland Alliance also lauds YouTube's Chad Hurley

Joel McHale and Conan O'Brien at
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The U.S.-Ireland alliance came in for some gentle ribbing at Thursday’s Oscar Wilde Awards held at Bad Robot in Santa Monica. Then the party became even more fun as cops showed up. “This is the nicest event close to Olympic,” joked Joel McHale.

As the noise from Olympic threatened to overwhelm honoree Conan O’Brien’s speech, he yelled “shut up” to the street below. “This is quite a fun Irish party,” O’Brien continued. “The cops are going to be called out,” he said just as sirens could be heard and a squad car pulled up in front of the building with its lights flashing. But no police showed up to the rooftop.

O’Brien was introduced by McHale, who commented on the mission underlying the award: honoring the Irish in film. “We have two honorees who are not in film (latenight host O’Brien and YouTube founder Chad Hurley) and an award that’s a leprechaun’s ear,” McHale noted.

O’Brien also pointed out that in previous years it had gone to “other Irish giants like J.J. Abrams, that Russian Jew Paul Rudd … and years ago to Idi Amin.”

There were plenty of references to pale-faced nerds whose time had come at last in Hollywood, and then O’Brien told a story of going back to Ireland with the idea of driving across from Kerry to Dublin. However, at the first stop for gas, a little old lady named Colleen came out and filled his tank with diesel.

“It cost me 400 pounds to drain the diesel,” O’Brien said to shouts of laughter. “Don’t go back, if you can avoid it — they don’t know what they’re doing.”

YouTube founder Chad Hurley said, “I can tell people I now have an Oscar.”