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HONG KONG – Interactive talent show “Rising Star” is to be broadcast in China on state-controlled China Central Television.

The move follows a deal between Israel’s Keshet International and Enlight Media, one of the largest private-sector film and TV conglomerates in China.

The companies closed a two season deal and Enlight will produce 30 episodes that will air on CCTV-3.

“We are excited about this format because of its cross-platform and interactive features, which are things that have never been seen before in Chinese television,” said Wen Ha, program director at CCTV-3.

The show, which encourages audience feedback through an app that can be downloaded on tablets or smart phones and displays the feedback live on TV, originated in Israel in 2013 and has been sold as a format to over 30 territories.

Often within the past two years Chinese regulators have sought to limit the number of light-weight game shows and copies of western formats. TV talent shows, however, have remained hugely popular with audiences and have discovered significant talents.

China has an estimated population of 521 million smart phone users, according to research firm eMarketer.