HONG KONG – Santa Monica-based Intrigue has signed a deal with South Korean media giant CJ E&M to option two of the Korean company’s series for U.S. remake.

The deal covers “3rd Hospital,” which aired on CJ’s tvN network, and “Vampire Prosecutor” (pictured) which has been a ratings winner on OCN.

“3rd Hospital” follows the dramatic conflict between traditional Eastern medicine and modern medical advances as two brothers from both fields fight to save patients’ lives using different tools. “Vampire Prosecutor” is the story of a vampire who uses his uncanny powers to solve crimes, but the one case he can’t solve is the identity of the vampire who first bit him seven years ago.

“‘3rd Hospital’ is a very timely piece. In this age of modern medicine, so-called ‘alternative’ practices – especially in the U.S. – are becoming more common, while ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ is a one of a kind crime thriller that deftly blends two proven genres with a compelling, new premise,” said Tariq Jalil, president of Intrigue in a statement.

The series are not the first Korean formats to be optioned for U.S. remake. Last year Fake Empire Entertainment revealed that it is to produce a version of “Nine: Nine Time Travels” for ABC Studios. The original Korean show also played on tvN and was licensed by CJ E&M to some 30 territories. The remake deal was partially brokered by “Lost” and “Mistresses” star Kim Yunjin.

Intrigue’s credits include “Operation Repo.” a reality series based on a Spanish-language format from Telemundo. Over 200 episodes have been produced to date.