Here are some of the ways the 1988 film “Heathers,” the blackest of high school comedies, could have ended:

The school blows up. Or protagonist Veronica blows up. Or Veronica asks old friend Martha if she wants to rent a movie, prompting Martha to stab her in the stomach and call her Heather, leaving Veronica bleeding on the ground and gasping “My name’s not Heather, you bitch!” before she dies.

All three were alternate endings written, at one time or another, during the development of the film by screenwriter Daniel Waters. This news — big news, for those for whom “Heathers” serves as a foundational representation of their high school experience — was delivered by Waters at the opening night party of the musical version of “Heathers,” which bowed at Off Broadway’s New World Stages March 31.

Waters had no creative duties on the musical version — he just cheered it on, both in its earlier run in L.A. and now in its Off Broadway incarnation, written by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe. Waters is delighted by the final product, even if it is a little less dark than the original film.

“It’s funny what a morbid 24-year-old I was when I wrote this,” he said at the after-party at the theater district joint John’s Pizzeria. “Don’t tell anyone, but I was secretly popular in high school!”

(Pictured: Daniel Waters, second from left, with Barrett Wilbert Weed, Alice Lee, Ryan McCarten, Jessica Keenan Wynn and Elle McLemore at the opening night of “Heathers”)