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Weinstein Company’s fest favorite “The Imitation Game” preemed at the Ziegfeld Monday to what turned into a clear night, which, according to producer Teddy Schwarzman, was unusual because it has rained at several of their major screenings including the Toronto Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival.

“This movie has won more film festivals than any film in my history,” Harvey Weinstein told the crowd in his introduction of the film based on the life and accomplishments of British mathematician Alan Turing.

Weinstein said he was most pleased that the tech aud at a Silicon Valley screening held by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg were impressed by the mathematical accuracy of Turing’s work, who is now celebrated as the founding father of the computer.

“You know I’d heard rave reviews but when they walked out and said, ‘You know, you guys got the math right’ — I mean, God, for a guy who can’t even add properly, it was pretty amazing.”

While Turing’s work has moved and impressed the cast, the majority say they are not “techy” people.

“I’m like a reformed techy person. When I was a teenager I was sort of a huge techy. I went to space camp, computer programming camp. I thought I was going to go to MIT and become a computer scientist, but it turned out I was really bad at it, so instead I became a screenwriter,” said Graham Moore. “I’m like a failed computer scientist that ended up a screenwriter.”

“I’m an absolute technophobe,” said Keira Knightley, who as the only major female character in the film was taken with her character’s feminist storyline.

“What she was fighting for was a place at the table and equal pay. Not that you see equal pay in the movie, but in real life, and that’s still the core of the feminist argument today. So I was really interested that it hasn’t changed in however many years.”

The afterparty celebration took place at Tavern on the Green in Central Park, and if the Internet is wondering, Benedict Cumberbatch did not whip out any imitations nor is he practicing any additional celebrity impersonations. (He did, however, make his red carpet debut with his fiancee Sophie Hunter.)

“[The MTV reporter] asked me on spec and I just did them. I mean, Alan Rickman I’d done before. Tom Hiddleston’s a friend of mine, but John Malkovich I’ve just done two days of press with, which is very embarrassing,” Cumberbatch explained. (They are co-stars on “Penguins of Madagascar.”)

“He’s so gracious, though, that man. It’s pretty hard to ruffle his feathers. So no, I’m not practicing,” said Cumberbatch.

(Pictured: Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch at the Ziegfield premiere of “The Imitation Game”)