Nat Wolff Gets Silly With Cougars, Middle School at ‘Behaving Badly’ Premiere

Nat Wolff Behaving Badly Premiere
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Selena Gomez, Nat Wolff and Elisabeth Shue were all in attendance for the premiere of “Behaving Badly” Tuesday night at the Arclight in Los Angeles.

Wolff and fellow co-star Nate Hartley took their movie title name literally, when they decided to cover themselves and surrounding fans with silly string on the red carpet.

Throughout the film, Wolff can be seen in his underwear, his face planted in Shue’s chest, getting crabs and kissing Gomez.

Regardless of the awkward scenes, Wolff said, “It was nice that they hired such good, fun people to hang out with in real life. The hard thing was just trying to stay and react to all these cartoon characters around me. That was basically the challenge of it.”

His “Behaving Badly” character is a far cry from his role as Isaac in “The Fault in Our Stars.”

When it comes to choosing what films to work on next, Wolff told Variety that he likes to go by the scripts and go by the character. “This is probably not where I’m headed,” he said. Although, he did say it was fun to play a “Bill Murray-like, sarcastic guy.”

Shue also plays a Mrs. Robinson character to the extreme, said director Tim Garrick. “You’ve never seen Elisabeth Shue like this before!”

When asked if he’s getting offers from cougars now, Wolff said, “Not enough!”

“I didn’t want to do the normal,” Garrick said. “I wanted to take actors that we’ve seen in a very different way and twist them.”

“Heather Graham accidentally takes some ecstasy,” he said. “And I have to say she committed.”

(Among the cameos: Graham makes an appearance as a lawyer, Dylan McDermott as a strip club owner, sporting his own type of pornstache, and Mary-Louise Parker as an alcoholic mother.)

Playing a high school student trying to win the heart of pretty girl played by Gomez, Wolff was able to tap into that awkwardness from his middle school days.

“My middle school was really tough, like really, I had an awful time.” He said things got easier in high school, but his experience was not quite like the one presented in the film.

After the premiere, guests partied at Lure Nightclub.

Vertical Entertainment’s “Behaving Badly” is now out on VOD and is in theaters Aug. 1.

(Pictured: Nat Wolff and Nate Hartley have fun with silly strong at the “Behaving Badly” premiere)