The girls are back in town! It was ladies’ night at the Ziegfeld Theater May 15 as Netflix preemed the first episode of the highly anticipated second season of its original skein “Orange Is the New Black.”

Creator Jenji Kohan said the pressure was definitely on for season two. “No one wants to have a sophomore slump, and expectations got so high. It’s terrifying,” she said. “But ultimately, you have to keep your head down, and just keep making the doughnuts. I’ll have a nervous breakdown soon, but I don’t know when that’s going to happen.”

The vision for season two was “just more.”

“We weren’t sure there would be (a second season). We got back in the room, and all the stuff we hadn’t been able to jam into season one was like, ‘Let’s do this! And let’s do that!,” Kohan said. “It was just really exciting. It was a lot of energy.”

The cast couldn’t say much about the plot but promised that it will deliver and surprise. At the very least, Taryn Manning’s presence revealed that her character Pennsatucky lives on.

“I get weirded out at some of the things I have to say because it’s so different from me,” Manning said. “My moral compass and hers are like way off, but I think that’s what’s made it so much fun. It’s like a complete character. I just lose myself in it.”

“I had an ex that was really religious. Whenever we would have an issue, I always got the Jesus or God just preaching at me. ‘You’re going to go h-e-l-l.’ ‘I know how to spell. I know what you just said,’” she said of the inspiration for her character. “That’s just one little thing. I actually did a lot of research.”

The party continued on at the Hudson Hotel rooftop, where the cast spent time catching up with each other and taking photos for social media.

Natasha Lyonne says she continues with her daily routine in the city and not much has changed since joining the show except for one thing.

“Now I can literally leave the house and my hair is as crazy as I want, and no one’s surprised,” she said. “It’s not like some shocker. It’s like, ‘I saw her in person and she looks just like she does in prison.’”

The new season of OITNB premieres on Netflix on June 6.

(Pictured: Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, Lorraine Toussaint, Jenji Kohan, Taylor Schilling and Uzo Aduba at the “Orange Is the New Black” season 2 premiere)