Thanks to ‘La Bare,’ Joe Manganiello Has New Moves for ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel

Joe Manganiello Le Bare PRemiere
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

After shooting “Magic Mike,” Joe Manganiello felt that only the surface of the male entertainment industry had been scratched. He and his brother Nick wanted to make a documentary that showed what happened on and off stage at a male strip club, and what better place to go than the first full-time male dance club, La Bare Dallas?

“People at large had no idea what they were talking about and they spoke in a very opinionated fashion about male entertainment,” Manganiello said at the “La Bare” premiere at the ArcLight in Los Angeles Wednesday night.

With “Magic Mike,” “we really didn’t get into the guys and who they were and what it was like, and this camaraderie, this family, this brotherhood. So we saw a real opportunity to take a camera in and shine a light on something that no one had ever done,” Manganiello said.

Under the Manganiello brothers’ 3:59 Inc. banner, a crew of four shot the film in Dallas in just eight days.

“We went as close to Americana as possible,” Manganiello said.

He thought the personalities at a Las Vegas and Hollywood club would not be as pure as the guys from Dallas were.

“We wanted real guys and real people. We didn’t script this, we didn’t write this. I heard about Randy ‘The Master Blaster’ and his mom, Mary Lou, and we thought that was enough for an entire movie,” he said.

Star of the doc and self-proclaimed “205 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal” Randy Ricks would agree. “I’m the guy,” he said. “Started since day one, I’m Randy ‘Master Blaster,’ been there 35 years straight.”

Manganiello also told Variety he will be reprising his role as Big Dick Richie in “Magic Mike XXL” that begins shooting this fall, and this time he has a whole store of new moves. “I never thought my career would take a swing in male entertainment expert, but somehow I’m there,” he laughed.

The “Magic Mike” sequel will be a road trip and more about the guys with a “Hangover” and “Animal House” type vibe, according to Manganiello. “When they go out on the road it will be a bunch of guys causing trouble up and down the coast.”

When it comes to the differences between male strip clubs and female strip clubs, the Manganiello brothers had an apt comparison. “It’s laid out perfectly. Men want to see naked women. They are microwave,” said Nick.

“Press a button and they turn on,” Joe interjected.

“Women want the show. They are an oven, they have to go through a preheat,” said Nick. “There’s this whole thing where it’s just instant gratification versus they want to be reeled in, women want to be a part of something.”

This is Joe Manganiello’s directorial debut and he said that he knew the questions he wanted to ask. “I wanted to know what these guys knew about women that every guy should know.”

At the end of the day, Manganiello said these male dancers come from good families and good careers, but they just realized they could “make a lot more money, have women stuff money down my pants, and then get my pick of the litter at the end of the night.”

“I mean for most guys that’s the best job in the world,” he said.

After the premiere, Manganiello took the La Bare dancers to Lure for the afterparty. Main Street Films’ “La Bare” is set to premiere June 27.

(Pictured: Joe Manganiello with La Bare dancers at the afterparty)