James Franco was mum about the Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking debacle, with his publicist shunning all questions regarding the incident while talking to reporters at the Cinema Society and Montblanc screening of his student project-turned-feature film “The Color of Time” in New York on Tuesday.

The actor was calm and collected considering that hackers recently threatened the studio to cancel the release of upcoming film “The Interview,” in which Franco stars with Seth Rogen, calling it “the movie of terrorism,” or face further consequences. Franco has not publicly commented on the hacking, but has joked about the attacks on “Saturday Night Live” by sharing leaked photos as part of a skit with Rogen.

A topic Franco is open to discussing is his film “The Color of Time,” starring Jessica Chastain, Mila Kunis and Zach Braff. “The film was a student project that started at NYU. I’ve been teaching for five years now, but this was the first one, and the prototype for all the classes that I have taught,” Franco told Variety at the Landmark Sunshine screening. The feature, which is adapted from the poetry of C.K. Williams, is directed by 12 NYU students who were enrolled in Professor Franco’s class.

“I love teaching. I want to give other people the room to create and find their voices and ultimately help them make the kinds of movies they want to make.”

Franco is in his third year teaching at UCLA, and when asked what kind of teacher he is, he said he’s nice and approachable.

“I’m pretty easy going. I don’t try to impose my ideas on the students,” he said. “I am only trying to hear what they want to do and to help them make the best version of that.

And have students signed up just to be in the presence with the popular star?

“I work in really strong programs so they are very serious students and not going to take my class just to say that I’m their teacher. Plus, I do get to select the students!”

“The Color of Time” is available on iTunes, Amazon and VOD and opens in theaters Dec. 12.