HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Turns Nerds Into ‘Socially Awkward Rock Stars’

Mike Judge at the "Silicon Valley"
Mark Sullivan/WireImage

In the age of the nerd, HBO’s “Silicon Valley” takes the term geek chic head on.

“All these tech nerds go and make billions of dollars and so they become the socially awkward rock stars of the generation,” said Zach Woods at the premiere Thursday at Paramount Studios.

In the opening scene of the first episode, Kid Rock makes a cameo by performing for extremely wealthy tech geeks for no apparent reason at all — besides the fact that they are billionaires and can afford it.

“It takes some time to go, ‘Oh whoa, these people that you just thought were weirdos in high school are actually getting rich and that’s where the money’s going,’ and that chic probably follows all of that,” said creator Mike Judge.

When it comes to the awkwardness, star Thomas Middleditch may be just as awkward as his character Richard Hendricks.

“I think this interview has proven that I am a very charming, confident man, and pretty much exude every ounce of masculinity from the entire world,” Middleditch joked.

Whereas Martin Starr says his character was the coolest and suffers least from the downfalls of being a nerd. “Granted, a king among peasants,” he said.

The one thing that drew every cast member to this script was Judge.

“Mike Judge is a golden god. Sometimes he’s directing you and it sounds like Butt-head is giving you directions. It’s amazing,” said Josh Brener.

“You have HBO and you have Mike Judge, that right there, everyone wants to be a part of that,” said Amanda Crew.

“Silicon Valley” will premiere on HBO Sunday, April 6 after “Game of Thrones.”