With the feel of a 1980s premiere, the TCL Theatre in Hollywood welcomed action stars to help celebrate the L.A. premiere of Lionsgate’s extravaganza “The Expendables 3.”

The film’s star and writer Sylvester Stallone introduced each and every actor with a short tribute including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes before they posed on stage in a group photo for the ages.

Harrison Ford, who injured his leg earlier this summer while filming the new “Star Wars” pic,  also joined the cast on stage without the help of crutches or a cane, walking briskly and looking in good health. “Break a leg,” Stallone cracked.

While introducing Schwarzenegger, Stallone noted that the stage reminded him of the Mr. Olympia competitions. Schwarzenegger, the former Mr. Universe and seven-time Olympia champion, obliged by posing for the crowd.

Following the screening, attendees ventured to the Roosevelt Hotel where fans of all ages tried their best to score a photo with their favorite action star. (Snipes took almost 15 minutes to pose for photos with countless fans.) Jason Statham split time with fans and colleagues, exchanging hugs and hand shakes with anyone in reach.

Director Patrick Hughes said he was not only thrilled to have an opportunity to work with all this talent but was also happy to have the opportunity to get their advice on how a shot should be handled.

“There was so much wisdom on set it was incredible,” Hughes said. “I can remember every chance I got I would pick Mel’s brain whenever we worked together, it was like going to night school all over again.”

His next project is the Screen Gems remake of “The Raid” and he believes after this shoot he will be ready for anything.

“Sly told me after we finished production this will be hardest production you ever work on and he was right, especially when it came to scheduling,” Hughes said. “There were so many instances where we needed to retake a shot but had difficulty taking it because not all ten actors were available when we needed them.”

(Pictured at top: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone at the L.A. premiere of “The Expendables 3.”)