Fed Up” narrator and executive producer Katie Couric didn’t make the L.A. premiere Thursday as she was getting ready for a barrage of media appearances for the film this week in New York. But exec producer Laurie David and director Stephanie Soechtig welcomed a variety show’s worth of comedians to the Pacific Design Center premiere, including Laurie David’s ex Larry David, Martin Short, Albert Brooks, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Shannon.

Radius-TWC toppers Jason Janego and Tom Quinn introed the documentary, with Quinn imploring the audience to “help us make this a movement.” Janego pointed out that it’s the first time a Spanish-dubbed version of a documentary will be released at the same time as the English-language one.

“We have a very vigorous social action campaign,” said David. Several ways to help change the system, including taking a no-processed foods pledge, are offered at the conclusion of the film, which sees childhood obesity and the growing diabetes rate as a direct result of food conglom’s relentless focus on profits and how much the government is beholden to the corporation’s interests. The impetus for making the docu came from Couric’s interest in “finding out why everyone was getting so sick,” said Quinn.

Also in the audience: California attorney general Kamala Harris and “Veep” co-star Matt Walsh.

(Pictured: Martin Short, Laurie David and Rita Wilson at the L.A. premiere of “Fed Up”)