‘Bullets Over Broadway’ Opening: Don’t Look for Zach Braff to Star in the ‘Scrubs’ Musical

Zach Braff Loves Being on Broadway But Won't Be in 'Scrubs' Musical
Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

On Broadway, you can’t throw an unusually opulent opening night party without people gossiping. Take the shindig for the musical “Bullets Over Broadway” after its April 10 opening: The rumor that night was that the event at Gotham’s Metropolitan Museum of Art cost $4 million.

That price tag is entirely unconfirmed, but it’s true the party was plenty glam, with opening nighters clinking champagne glasses at the Temple of Dendur or noshing on dim sum among classical statuary.

If Woody Allen was there, he was hard to spot. But director-choreographer Susan Stroman promised he’d be there when she addressed the crowd during the curtain call of the opening night perf. “We will see him soon at the party,” she said. “He’s probably warming up the dance floor.”

At the Met she reflected on working with two comedy greats, Mel Brooks (for the 2001 stage version of “The Producers”) and Allen. “Mel is big and loud, and Woody is shy and quiet and businesslike,” she said. “They’re very different. But equally brilliant.”

Zach Braff, making his Broadway debut in the show, found himself tasked with playing a lead role that seems like an obvious stand-in for Allen, and was played in the 1994 film by John Cusack.

He tried not to let either actor influence his performance — up to a point.  “There are certain lines, certain jokes, you can’t say them without sounding like Woody Allen,” he said.

He’s loving being on Broadway. “It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” he enthused. “I was a little kid, eight years old, looking up at musicals and going, ‘This is a job someone can have? God, please, can I do that?'” The actor-writer-director, whose pic “Wish I Was Here” bowed at Sundance, added that he’s open to making a movie musical someday.

Speaking of musicals: How’s that “Scrubs” tuner coming along, anyway?

“They’re doing it,” Braff said. “[‘Scrubs’ creator] Bill Lawrence wants my two cents, but I wouldn’t be in it. That’d be weird. It’d be like John Cusack doing my role in this.”