On April 24, Sundance London celebrated its launch party at the Langham Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.

Keen to continue placing U.S. independents onto an international stage, fest director John Cooper disclosed Sundance’s hunt to pastures new. “We’re always looking. It’s a model that we’ve tested here [in London] and it works well. It feels good, so we’ll be looking around,” he said.

After whittling down 12,000 submissions, both Cooper, and director of programming Trevor Groth, were ready to sit back and celebrate their London fest’s third year. Accompanying the fest toppers were some of Sundance’s elite including “Fruitvale Station” director Ryan Coogler, Tim Sutton (“Memphis”) and Rose McGowan.

David Cross brought his directorial debut, “Hits,” across the Atlantic, and was found revising his previously questionable screening schedule. “I was at Sundance in the States and I literally saw nothing. I was there for four days,” he winced.

The revelry wrapped before midnight, seemingly in prep of the next day’s entertainment onslaught, right down the river at the cavernous O2 Arena.