Conan O’Brien’s unique sense of the absurd will serve him well as host of April 13’s MTV Movie Awards at the Nokia Theater. Audience expectations for craziness are high and, O’Brien says, his hair prep alone will take about 72 hours.

Variety: Who are you hoping wins the highly competitive “Best WTF Moment” category?

O’Brien: I am pulling for the car sex scene in “The Counselor” because Cameron Diaz actually has sex with a car. If more people had sex with their car instead of driving it, global warming would be a thing of the past.

Variety: You hosted the Emmys in 2002 and 2006. How much more fun do you think you’ll have at this gig?

O’Brien: I think the MTV Movie Awards is going to be my best experience yet, because nobody in the audience is going to be paying attention to the uptight dude in the tux. I’ll be the substitute teacher who ends up crying by the end of class.

Variety: About your day job. There’s been a lot of movement in latenight. Do you watch your competition regularly?

O’Brien: I routinely enjoy all of the other latenight comedy shows, but the competition I fear the most is Larry King’s infomercial for the Amazing Omega XL Fish Oil Supplement.

Variety: What’s your best recent moment from “Conan”?

O’Brien: I taped an episode a month ago where I said, “We have a great show tonight” and I actually meant it. It’s one of those nights I thought would never happen and when it did, it blew my mind. The runner up would be the “Breaking Bad” (cast appearance), because the cast threw blue meth into the audience.