The maintenance crew at the Beverly Hilton scrambled Sunday afternoon to dry out the Golden Globe red carpet after a sprinkler accident drenched a potion of the entryway into the hotel.

Security briefly kept reporters and camera crews from getting to their assigned slots along the carpet as the cleanup effort ensued around 1:30. When it was reopened one security guard advised people to step carefully, “especially all of you in high heels.”

Don’t worry, we will.

Workers hauled out a huge vacuum cleaner and industrial strength fans to soak up the water. A sprinkler in the roof outside the hotel lobby went off when it was bumped by a light fixture from one of the hundreds of TV crews setting up for the 71st annual kudos taking place here this evening.

Workers quickly cut new sections of carpet to cover the most drenched areas. With all of the people milling around in black-tie gear, the heroes of the incident were a clutch of eight guys in “crew T shirts.”