Wu-Tang Clan to Release Single Copy of Upcoming Album for Millions of Dollars

Wu Tang Clan
Gary Miller/WireImage

The Wu-Tang Clan just pushed the envelope wide open.

The rap group plans to release only one copy of its secretly recorded double-album, “The Wu – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.” They will sell the 31-track record — priced in the millions —

The album will be presented in a handcrafted silver box designed by British Moroccan artist Yahya, Forbes first reported.

“By taking this step, we hope to re-enforce the weight that music once carried alongside a painting or a sculpture,” the rappers wrote on their website.

“This is like somebody having the scepter of an Egyptian king,” group member Robert “RZA” Diggs told Forbes.

The collector’s item will “tour” renowned galleries, museums and festivals around the globe before being put up for sale. Producer Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh said Wu-Tang has been in discussions with various curators, including ones at the Tate Modern.

“I know it sounds crazy,” Azzougarh told Forbes. “It might totally flop and we might be completely ridiculed. But the essence and core of our ideas is to inspire creation and originality and debate, and save the music album from dying.”

The group will also launch its 20th anniversary album, “A Better Tomorrow,” this summer. It’s set for a standard commercial release.