Prince Makes Peace With Warner Music, Sets New Album and Reissues

Prince Makes Peace With Warner Music,

Adding an amiable epilogue to one of the most public contract disputes in the history of the music business, Prince and Warner Bros. Records have come to terms on a global licensing partnership.

The wide-ranging deal grants the singer ownership of his master recordings, and allows Warners to digitally remaster and reissue Prince’s albums from 1978 through the 1990s. Financial details were not disclosed.

The announcement comes several months before the 30th anniversary of Prince’s soundtrack album, “Purple Rain,” which a press release confirmed would be the first record to get the deluxe reissue treatment, with others to follow. Prince also announced that a new studio album is “on the way.”

“Warner Bros. Records and Eye are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship,” said Prince, with his characteristic pronoun spelling, in a statement.  

Such words would have been unimaginable two decades ago, when Prince’s disputes with the label — which had signed him to an enormous contract extension in 1992 — grew so fierce that he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol and performed on kudocasts with the word “slave” scrawled on his face. Prince settled with Warner Bros. Records in 1996, and his most recent albums have been released independently through his own NPG Records imprint.

Released in June of 1984, “Purple Rain” has since been certified 13-times platinum by the RIAA.


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    1. This is great news, also with Prince’s religious views it might be the best for us as fans as far as remasters go. This way he can allow WB to make the decisions and keep the original songs intact without cutting out language or content. Prince has always had strong vibes about God on his records and at times it seemed contradictory to some of the content (but not if you understood who prince was and what his overall messages was) Women were always on equal footing with the men in his songs, which kept some of the more explicit songs from being too raunchy/dirty or vulgar. Unlike many of todays male artists who are not clever wouldn’t know what a double entendre is/was and wouldn’t know how to cleverly be seductive to save their lives. It’s all in your face vulgarity now. and women are treated as objects instead of as partners. I am sorry if it seems as if I am defending Prince lol. true fans know who he is and how he is, but I felt it necessary to point out that today he may change the wordings to fit the rules of his adoptive religion, which is fine when u see him in concert or listen to a new cd (regardless of language Prince has never been boring) but when you want to hear classics remastered (sign o’ the times needing it the most since it’s such low volume compared to the rest) you want to hear it as it was. I hope they do the remasters right. with b-sides extended versions and outtakes added in. A bonus dvd with videos and commentary would be great as well. I can see Prince going the route of duran duran who had a nice box with two cds and one dvd. dvd including a live show from that period and the bonus tracks included b-sides and alternate mixes or singles-only songs from that era.

    2. e carr says:

      Warner Bros Came their senses that the Kid can still sale records big time. We should all take a lesson from Prince when it comes to the music business. Get down my brother.

    3. kathy peacock says:

      Eye m so happy just want to hear his music, he should be free to express him self threw his music as he chooses. Eye love me some Prince. Eye’ ve attended Prince concerts in 1985 at the Orange Bowl, 2005 in Ft Lauderdale, 2004 in New Orleans Essence Fest and would love to be able to see him this year at Essence 10 years later, but my financial situation has changed. My heart will be in NO with prince for my Birthday July 8th. PRINCE fan

    4. Tasha Dizard says:


    5. Bill says:

      Please, not more digital remastered to compress and destroy these albums.

      If you want to hear them at their best, pick up the 180g vinyl reissues done in the past few years.

    6. Hornswallow says:

      those who say that Prince is rolling in the dough don’t know what they are talking about. it’s not a big secret that he has been close to bankruptcy for approx the last 20 years. wake up. he is a great artist but don’t mistake that with pretending that he is everything good and holy in this world and that he’s some super duper sweety of a guy because that just isn’t true.

    7. zaidiademeit says:


    8. Jeffrey Glover says:

      Is this really a big deal? I mean i’m glad he has ownership of all his masters , but why does he need WB Records when he has his own record label, NPG Records, Is his record lablel not making a profit?

      • Jai says:

        It’s a HUGE DEAL, He can now collect a fair share of royalties on his OWN music, not to mention his best work to date! He also owns his own name now and doesn’t have to be referred to as the artist formally known as Prince anymore! He can now return to being just Prince. This is something that very many artist have gone through but most never got the happy ending such as this!

        • hermanoblanco says:

          That name has been his for a decade or so. No one has referred to him as TAFKAP in ages. Where have *you* been?

      • art says:

        Ownership of his back catalogue is huge. The concession he probably had to make was to release some new stuff with WB

    9. this has made my day …..great news.

    10. FrankM says:

      Part of Prince’s original disagreement with warner brothers was the quantity of releases. Prince wanted to release multiple albums per year, WB wanted to have some quality control and issue 1 or 2 strong releases per year in the traditional album, tour, album, tour pattern.

      Quite frankly, I side with WB on this because the last good (not spectacular, just good) prince album was “The Gold Experience”. So, they knew what they were doing in regards to quality control.

    11. Nostaljack says:

      Most of his albums have not been issued independently. Only a few were. Many have surfaced on “one-off” deals with majors like Arista and Columbia.

    12. @Dorothy Nins, if you are certifiably Prince’s number one fan, then I’m a close second. As a musician, I’ve heard lots of first hand accounts of Prince’s work ethic and can hear the musical genius in that man who is Prince aka Prince Rogers Nelson, aka (the symbol), aka Jamie Starr, aka Christopher, aka Alexander Nevermind, aka Joey Coco, etc……. I remember going to the Purple Rain tour concert in Dallas and have fond memories of subsequent concerts. I’m proud to say that I have friends who play with him now and I look forward to another 35 years of great music!!!!!

    13. Dorothy Nins says:

      I am certifiably Prince’s number one fan. Whatever, however he wants to express his inner voice is alright with me. Purple will always Reign! Can’t wait til all of the Purple Rain parties begin. Plan to attend them all, especially in Minneapolis! #PrinceOGMusicologist

    14. adztheman says:

      One wonders if Prince will remix, not only ”remaster” some of his stuff..and if you’re going to do box sets, then you have to include the music he has released himself…how that gets done should be interesting..

    15. Joe (@WTTSP) says:

      WOO HOO!!! This is great new for Prince, WB and more importantly his fans. LONG overdue.

    16. I sincerely hope that Prince takes control of all this “remastering,” and doesn’t become a slave once more–this time, to the brickwalling and sonic sludging of all the reissues that record companies are cranking out. Dynamic range in quality audio is something to be celebrated, not ripped out. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I can’t serve up links. But Google “Dynamic Range Database” and “Loudness Wars” for a better understanding.

      Prince: PLEASE keep your delicious audio sacred. DON’T GIVE IN!

      • cxg says:

        Well said. I cringe when I hear a fav record is going to be ‘digitally remastered’. I can’t imagine Prince allowing his works to be ruined.

    17. Brian L. Williams says:

      He needs to or Warner Bros needs to create a “Box Set” of all of his remastered albums, including deluxe editions, 12-inch Remixes and Extended Versions, on both Vinyl and CD!!!!!

    18. Evan says:

      ed what are you talking about he just wants his master recordings because theyre his works of art, not cause he wants to make money somehow. he’s rollin in the dough

    19. Prince is the BaddestMFer says:

      Are you all kidding me??? Prince is a living legend, a mult-talented genius!! Remastering his works will be amazing – and he has collections out there that could outdo any artist!

    20. Sage Stark says:

      A man I met personally while I lived in MPLS. A very nice man with a conversation voice much lower than one would think. I saw him perform more than once and worth any wait!

    21. Ed says:

      His boat has sailed, the 80s are over, missed his chance to cash in

    22. big daddy D says:

      I love his music, but Prince is a certified wackadoodle

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