A drive to deport Justin Bieber has either jumped the shark, or entered the realm of calculated political ploy.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), running for reelection this year, told a Virginia radio station that he would add his name to a White House petition to deport the pop star.

“As a dad with three daughters, is there some place I can sign?” he said, when asked about the We The People petition that has passed the 100,000 threshold to merit an official response from the Obama administration. More than 245,000 have signed it thus far.

Warner followed that up with a Twitter link to the segment from the radio show and the message, “It’s true. I’m not a Belieber.”

Bieber is a Canadian in the United States on a work visa.

Given that pollsters have jumped in to measure Bieber’s popularity, or unpopularity, it’s hard to think that Warner will be the only candidate to weigh in on the question of deportation, even if it sounds like a joke.

But imagine if fellow pop singer Clay Aiken enters the race for a North Carolina congressional seat — would he be forced to take a position? Or maybe all candidates will be asked the question, albeit after some more poll testing.