There was no special treatment for Sting when he joined the cast of “The Last Ship,” the Broadway musical for which he wrote the score. Just like any other Broadway put-in, he got two rehearsals — just two! — before he ended up onstage for his first performance Dec. 9.

“I felt like I’d been thrown down an elevator shaft,” he joked. “I kept thinking, ‘What’s the next song? What do I have to say next? What am I wearing?'”

The musician’s stint in the show is part of an effort to boost the sales momentum of the production, which hasn’t taken off at the box office. “Last Ship” took in $1 million soon after his engagement was announced, and the crowd in the house Tuesday night received him warmly. He walked away with the loudest ovation during curtain call — as well as a big bouquet of white flowers someone in the audience hurled up onstage for him.

Although there were “no major car crashes” during that first performance, there were still a few surprises for Sting.

“I got some laughs!” he said happily. “And I’m not usually known for my humor.”