Following a live musical performance of songs from the Oscar-winning animated pic “Frozen,” it’s only natural that star Kristen Bell (who voiced Anna) is ready for her Broadway debut.

The actress told EW Radio that she would like to participate in “Frozen”s upcoming stage adaptation, which is currently in early development.

“I certainly hope that they try,” Bell said when asked whether Disney would ask her to return. “Everybody in ‘Frozen’ is a Broadway veteran so I certainly hope they try and wrangle us.”

Bell impressed the small audience gathered for the “Frozen” cabaret in February when she sang her part and her character’s younger versions (performed by others on the soundtrack) for “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

The busy actress also told Variety that she’s interested in reprising her character of Veronica Mars for a movie sequel.

“This has been the most effortless character that I’ve ever played,” she said. “I was scheming with Rob to make a movie for the past seven years and when we finally found a way to make it happen, we asked everybody and it was an overwhelming yes … I was talking about the sequel before this one was even finished.”

Director Rob Thomas, who raised $5.7 million on Kickstarter to fund the film, also said he would love to shoot a follow-up film if this one performs well at the box office.

The dramedy hits theaters on Friday.