Digital ticketer and promoter Goldstar today launched an Android counterpart to its iOS app — but the headturning news lies in the company’s supporting facts and figures about mobile usage in the live-event ticket purchasing process.

Goldstar, which sells tickets to events (including Broadway shows) to a membership that has just hit five million, launched the Android app (pictured above) in part to keep up with the rapid mobile growth experienced by the company, which said that mobile now accounts for a whopping 63% of Goldstar usage (50% on smartphones and 13% on tablets) vs. 37% on desktops.

The numbers offer further proof that mobile is playing an increasingly large part in the decision-making and ticketbuying process for live events, and in retail sales overall. The theater industry has proven somewhat slower on the uptake of mobile ticketing, but companies are starting to bet that legit will soon catch up.

According to Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy, much of the firm’s mobile usage centers on the information-gathering stage of a ticket transaction, with tickets themselves bought later, often on desktop. “Even on mobile, email and websites are huge sources of content consumption for people,” he said. “With us they do these bursts of reading on mobile and then purchase later.”

About a third of Goldstar ticket sales are made via mobile, per the company. That percentage is also on the rise, but at a slower pace than the upswell in overall mobile usage.

The Android app launches with functionality to match the company’s desktop and iOS offerings, sporting the usual array of features including secure checkout, event recommendations, user reviews and the ability for group attendees of an event to pay for tickets individually.

Along with the growing presence of mobile in the tickeybuying process, digital specialists have also now begun to think about the ways mobile can play a part in the eventgoing experience itself.