The Book of Mormon,” which has made a habit of breaking box office records on Broadway, has claimed a major title on the road, too: The production’s national tour has logged the highest one-week gross ever for a national tour.

“Mormon” (pictured above in its Broadway incarnation) pulled in $2,802,606 at the 4,678-seat Fox Theater in Atlanta for the week ending Feb. 9. Fellow Rialto juggernaut “Wicked” previously held the record at $2,755,070 for a single week at the 4,500-seat Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis.

The hottest musical property to come out of Broadway in several years, “Mormon” has set house records at 27 theaters around the country, and broken the house record at New York’s Eugene O’Neill Theater some 50 times. Along with Tonys wins and critical raves, the show’s ongoing popularity is also fueled by the fanbase of creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who’ve earned a significant following with their Comedy Central skein “South Park.”

Demand for “Mormon” on Broadway is further heightened by the show’s relatively small, 1,066-seat theater. In New York, that helps push up the average price paid per ticket ($183.75 last week), in large part through premium tickets that top out at $477. The musical’s consistent popularity helps keep its Broadway sales and attendance aloft even in fallow winter weeks (as it did last week, when the show led the Broadway Top 10), and it contributes to demand on the road as well, as domestic tourists who couldn’t get into “Mormon” during a trip to Gotham could instead opt to catch the show when it comes to their neck of the woods.

On Broadway, the smaller size of the O’Neill prevents “Mormon” from achieving the Broadway-wide record sales of shows in larger theaters such as “Wicked,” which plays at the 1,928-seat Gershwin Theater.