At 84, Gena Rowlands still goes strong.

She and Cheyenne Jackson co-star in “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks,” opening Dec. 12 via Film Collective. (“I never get to do comedy,” she proclaims. “And I don’t die!”) Multiplot meller “Parts Per Billion” debuted in June, and screen husband Frank Langella says, “There are very few authentically resonant actresses. She’s the real thing.”

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Langella lauds her “fierce intelligence” and “the extraordinary individuality of her work, her voice, her walk, her physical presence as a young woman. … You can’t match her to anyone else of her generation.”

“She caught me looking at her and said ‘You know, if you think something, the camera will see it.’ That was perfectly said and perfectly realized every day,” Jackson says. “She’s awesome.”

She frowns at the thought of being “at liberty,” but suddenly brightens. Moviegoers know when Gena Rowlands brightens: Her entire face starts to glow.

“I’m just an old player,” she grins, “doin’ m’best.”