Following the kickoff of the Sundance Film Festival, WME has upped 20 employees to partner.

On the talent side, agents Esther Chang, Brandon Liebman, Doug Lucterhand, Boomer Malkin and Brent Morley have been promoted, while Sarah Self was promoted from the motion picture lit side.

Mark Ankner, Liesl Copland and Alexis Garcia were elevated from the global finance and distribution department — although none of them has probably had a chance to celebrate because they are handling Sundance acquisition deals. Zach Druker, Lisa Harrison and Theresa Kang were promoted on the scripted TV side.

The remaining employees promoted to partner were Michele Bernstein, David Levy, Rob Markus and Joel Zimmerman from music, Jeff Googel and Will Ward from commercials, Andy McNicol from the book department and Keith Friedenberg in administration.