Attention, Hollywood — William H. Macy would like to direct your film.

Macy is coming off making his feature directorial debut with music drama “Rudderless,” which has opened domestically last month and is for sale at the American Film Market from Radiant Film Intl.

“We are sort of in the catbird seat on ‘Rudderless,’ I think,” Macy said. “And I’m dying to do it again.”

“Rudderless” centers on a grieving father (Billy Crudup) who’s in a downward spiral until he stumbles across a box of his recently deceased son’s demo tapes and lyrics and forms a band in the hope of finding peace. Unified Pictures’ Keith Kjarval and Brad Greiner produced.

Macy, who had directed TV episodes, began shooting last year on a 25-day sked.

“In indie film, you are already four days behind when you start,” he said. “I wound up with way more film than I needed. But it was a charmed experience. Three-quarters of it was exactly what I thought it would be in my head and the other was a complete surprise.”

Macy edited the film at his home in Los Angeles with John Axelrad. “The editing process was a complete delight,” he recalled. “It was about 12 steps out of the kitchen to the Avid. John’s was upstairs and it took about two months.”

The film has invigorated Macy.

“One of the benefits of doing this was that it charged me up because it was so difficult and frightening,” he noted. “So I have a brand new love for the industry because of having a bird’s eye view of the machinery. And the crew is so disparate, like a pickup baseball team — Republicans, Democrats, religious people, atheists, nice people, assholes — so it makes you love humanity.”