Wes Anderson
“Tilda was at Sundance for ‘Orlando’ when we showed our short film of ‘Bottle Rocket’ there in 1993. I had never seen — as an audience member and also, from a snowy distance, in person — anyone remotely like her. And like everyone else in Park City, I was immediately captivated.”

Bong Joon-ho
“There is one particularly grotesque scene in (‘Snowpiercer’) in which Tilda suddenly removes her (prosthetic) dentures in front of Chris Evans. I don’t even remember if that scene was Tilda’s idea or mine. That’s how melded together we were as creative collaborators, and for me, the entire process
was pure joy.”

Jim Jarmusch
“Tilda is one of the most amazing creatures I have ever met. I first met her in Los Angeles backstage at a concert by a group called the Darkness. We just walked up to each other, and she said, ‘Jim.’ And I said, ‘Tilda.’ And she said, ‘At last we meet!’ That was the beginning of a remarkable collaboration.”

Tom Hiddleston
“She is incredibly open and playful and spontaneous on set. Nothing is pre-conceived in her mind. As a scene partner she is right there with you in the moment. And that makes for very exciting shooting. It feels very alive.”