The Weinstein Brothers’ Radius-TWC is partnering with the Duplass Brothers and Blumhouse Prods. on a “Creep” trilogy, a month after the film’s SXSW premiere.

Mark Duplass (“Safety Not Guaranteed”) stars in and co-wrote the psychological thriller “Creep” with director Patrick Brice. Horror-franchise maven Jason Blum produced with Duplass. The plan is to turn “Creep” into three films, with the second and third already in the works.

TWC-Radius is also distributing the Duplass Brothers’ “The One I Love,” which it acquired at Sundance and plans an Aug. 15 release.

“Creep” is set in a remote mountain town, where Brice’s character has gone in response to a cryptic Craigslist ad to film Duplass’ character for the day. TWC-Radius is planning to release the film later this year.

Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, co-presidents of Radius-TWC, said, “The film played through the roof at SXSW and it was abundantly clear that audiences have a huge appetite for these characters.”

Quinn and Janego negotiated the deal with Josh Braun of Submarine.