Harvey Weinstein has won a bidding war for movie rights to Paul Tough’s rescue story “A Speck in the Sea.”

The story focused on lobster fisherman John Aldridge, who fell overboard in the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the night, 40 miles from the Long Island shore. “A Speck in the Sea” was published Jan. 2 by the New York Times Magazine.

Several other production companies besides the Weinstein Co. were seeking the rights.

Producers are Rachael Horovitz, Jason Blum and Harvey Weinstein. Bob Weinstein will exec produce and Julie Oh will oversee development.

Aldridge who fell into the ocean in the middle of the night last July 24 with no life vest and no way to signal where he was. His childhood best friend and partner on the boat woke up to realize Aldridge was gone, leading to a multi-state rescue operation involving both the Coast Guard and the fishing community from across the Northeast.

Horovitz was in East Hampton when the story unfolded and partnered with Blum to obtain the rights.

“Paul’s piece in the Times magazine last weekend was one of those that instantly struck us as film that had to be made,” Harvey Weinstein said. “Rachael and Jason are some of the best in the business, and seeing this amazing story come to life is going to be a wild ride.”

Horovitz was a producer on “Moneyball” and “Grey Gardens.” Blum has created the “Paranormal Activity,” “Insidious” and “Purge” franchises.

The deal was negotiated by David Glasser with UTA and David McCormick at McCormick & Williams on behalf of Tough, Aldridge and Sosinski.