Sony has released the official Red Band for the upcoming James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy “The Interview,” and it includes a lot more sex jokes (Matthew McConaughey and a goat?), nudity and Rob Lowe than the original cut released in June.

Rogen and Franco star as the producer and anchor for a celebrity tabloid TV show. Eager to cover more hard news, the duo scores an interview with Kim Jong-un, but the CIA requests that they assassinate the North Korean despot.

The raunchy trailer comes after Sony moved the movie from its Oct. 10, 2014, release date to Christmas Day 2014 last month. North Korea apparently didn’t find the film’s plot funny — an unofficial spokesman for the country said the movie “shows the desperation of the U.S. government and American society.”

Rogen co-directed “The Interview” with Evan Goldberg from a script they wrote with Dan Sterling. Lizzy Caplan also stars in the comedy.