Malaysian Flight 370 Movie In the Works (EXCLUSIVE TRAILER)

One of the more unusual projects being pitched at this year’s Cannes Film Festival is “The Vanishing Act,” Indian director Rupesh Paul’s drama based on missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

On Saturday afternoon, Paul presented his film idea to financiers with a 90-second teaser trailer, which features a cast of terrified passengers aboard a turbulent jetliner. He also had a poster with the tag line, “The untold story of the vanished Malaysian flight.”

After Flight 370 disappeared on March 8, Paul said that he was contacted by a Malaysian journalist with a theory about what happened. Paul then spent 20 days working on a screenplay with an ending that incorporated this idea. According to Paul, the journalist, who insists on anonymity for now, is one of the film’s investors.

Paul shot the teaser trailer in six days in an Aerobus parked in Bombay, India. He estimates that the budget of his film will be about $3.5 million, with a 35-day shoot using more than 200 actors. He plans to release the pic in August.

“People ask me one thing,” Paul said in an interview with Variety. “If you’re saying a theory and suddenly the flight is found and it’s totally the opposite, your investment will be wasted. We will be fools. That’s the biggest challenge I’m facing.”

He also said he doesn’t think the families of the missing plane would find his film insensitive. “I will make sure no passengers will be hurt because of this,” Paul said.

Paul acknowledged that his film is partly a work of fiction, as there is still no evidence about what happened to Flight 370 and its 227 passengers or crew members.

Even though his advertising material featured images with the Malaysian Airlines logo, Paul said he would likely obscure that in the finished film due to copyright laws. He didn’t reveal the ending of his script, but did say that it doesn’t involve guns or aliens, two theories that have been floated by CNN.

“Everyone in the world, they want to know what happened,” Paul said. “Personally if you ask me, I want the truth to come out.”

Paul directed “Kamasutra 3D,” which was announced in Cannes in 2012 and will be released this year.

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  1. gl3808 says:

    Its his film he can do as he pleases.

  2. Goh says:

    Please BAN this film in Malaysia it’s a insult to us all.

  3. Rob B says:

    Disgusting – I will not see this out of principle – let the grieving process take its course. Radz you are 100% correct on Malaysian culture etc as I know, costumes, demographics of the passengers and crew all seem wrong. Filmed on a runaway in Mumbai I read elsewhere – seriously hope this flops. PS you DON’T have the fact’s so it’s 99% fiction.

  4. radz says:

    fail. wrong flight attendant costume, and we malaysian don’t kiss in public. also, to make a movie you have to study. look at the manifestation of passengers, there’s no african woman…when people make movie without research it certainly is cheap.

  5. Jen says:

    The plane is not even found. And you made such a movie trailer, thinking it will create hype and make you popular?? Oh c’mon! You are probably using too little of your brain.

  6. Michelle says:

    Please show some respect. This is outright insensitive.

  7. CJ says:

    “If you’re saying a theory and suddenly the flight is found and it’s totally the opposite, your investment will be wasted. We will be fools. That’s the biggest challenge I’m facing.”

    Really? That’s the thing you’re most worried about? That the plane will be FOUND and render your film pointless?? And not that you’re trying to make bank on a tragedy so soon after it’s happened? Screw this guy.

  8. Tim says:

    Absolutely love the idea- think it would do great @ the box office due to the intrigue of what did happen-but, only if, it’s never found until then; which is a VERY big if.

  9. Tom says:

    What the heck?! I would say that’s very insensitive of him, you could see he is trying very hard to get some fame out of peoples’ misfortune. I just don’t know what are people like him thinking these days?

  10. lis says:


  11. Mel says:

    Irresponsible since what really happened, nobody really knows.

  12. Gary says:

    The plane taking off in the trailer is a 747. The airplane shown later in the air is a 777. The aircraft that disappeared was a 777. Bad continuity.

  13. Robin the Boy Wonder says:

    Pretty keen to see KAMASUTRA 3D…

  14. Ling says:

    The exploitativeness and insensitivity of this is just jaw-dropping. Disgusting. I hope the pitch gets mauled.

  15. Can’t you even get the plane make right?

  16. Inept, dumb and boring teaser trailer. Nothing remotely engaging.

  17. John Dayton says:

    What a mess — you don’t even have the aircraft right, flipping at one point from shots of a 747-200 to shot of a Boeing 777 – and the gun? One can easily surmise it is shot, penetrates the aircraft followed by catastrophic decompression. Have a heart for those still in agony over missing family members.

  18. nimportequoi says:

    Firstly, congrats on making a film on this subject so quickly. Secondly, its a shame you spend all this money to make such a badly thought out and visually grotesque experiment of a film. All this does is make you a bad filmmaker with very low standards and skill. Next time take the time to aim for a well conceived product. P.S. Take some directing lessons and get a better DOP and editor! Good luck!

  19. Hilarious says:

    Very insensitive and stupid since the truth might be altogether different. ugh!

  20. Real Admiral Grover says:

    Thank you Rupesh Paul for conceiving of this most fictitiously deplorable cinematic after-birth whose sole purpose is to cash-in on tragedy in the most uncouth manner before the real mystery is even illuminated upon. May the mourning Chinese spit on his grave.

  21. The airplane featured in this trailer is a Boeing 747. The missing plane is a 777. This trailer featuring a bunch of frightened passaengers is dreadful!

  22. He plans to release the film in August…2014? I agree information and missing pieces could be discovered in the coming months as this investigation or watch is not over. The ending would definitely have to be in theory if August 2014 is the release date and all outcomes remain the same. The story can be told immediately, which relies on speculation or wait a year or two and tell the story more geared toward the actually outcome. Just my thoughts.

  23. Steve says:

    You can’t knock the hustle, but you can knock a hack.

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