Two more ex-employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment have filed a class action suit against Sony Pictures Entertainment, alleging negligence in the studio’s handling of protection against cyber-attacks.

The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in federal court in Los Angeles, also claims violation of California privacy laws for personal information and medical records.

“SPE has statutory obligations to protect its employees’ employment and personnel records from unauthorized access, yet failed at numerous opportunities to prevent, detect, end or limit the scope of the breach,” the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit was filed by former employees Joshua Forster of Denver and Ella Carline Archibeque of Los Angeles. Three former employees filed a class action in federal court on Monday, and three more employees filed a similar suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

The litigation alleges that since the breach, SPE “has focused its remediation efforts on securing its intellectual property from pirates and a public relations campaign directed at controlling the damage associated with the release of embarrassing internal emails. Meanwhile, SPE delayed confirming the data breach for a week and left its employees in the dark about the scope of the breach, how they and their families were impacted, and what steps SPE is taking to remedy or mitigate the breach.”

The plaintiffs are represented by Daniel C. Girard and Matthew B. George at Girard Gibbs in San Francisco.

A spokeswoman for SPE said the studio had no comment.