Richard Morgan’s sci-fi novel “Thirteen” is in development as a feature by “Transcendence” producers Kate Cohen and Marisa Polvino with  Tripp Vinson and Lisa Zambri.

Kenny Golde has been tapped to adapt “Thirteen,” which won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction writing in 2008. The story centers on a genetically engineered superhuman on a chase to earn his freedom in exchange for bringing in a dangerous criminal.

Cohen and Polvino are producing through their Straight Up Films. Vinson is a producer on “San Andreas,” starring Duane Johnson, and produced “Red Dawn” and “Journey 2 — The Mysterious Island.”

Morgan also authored “Altered Carbon,” which won the Philip K. Dick award and is in development with Mythology Entertainment.

The deal for “Thirteen” was made by Alan Nevins at Renaissance Literary and Talent on behalf of Richard Morgan and Orion.