For film producers wondering how to get the best tax incentives in Zubrowka, there’s a website for that.

Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is pulling out all the marketing stops in advance of its theatrical release. After launching AkademieZubrowka last week, a website that offered an exclusive look at where the film is set (fictional nation Zubrowka) and some of the props that are going to be used in the film, Anderson’s team has followed up with a new site, Zubrowka Film Commission.

According to the site, the ZFC is the “preeminent authority on international film production in Zubrowka since 1922.” The tumblr site has stats, GIFs and even a calendar marking all of the upcoming events taking place in the fictional country. It also has a letter welcoming Wes Anderson and the cast of “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

Much like the rest Anderson’s work, the site is quirky and filled with offbeat information. While the aforementioned calendar is full of events, there are blank spaces, leaving the possibility for future “events” to be added. Other content includes background information on the country, factoids about who is playing whom in the upcoming film and the official trailer.

The film bows March 7.