In the latest in a string of layoffs and closings at Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio is closing its Dallas office.

The Texas location is reported to close in early June, and consists of about 15 employees. The office coordinated the releases of films in the middle of the country. Universal is now the only studio with a Texas office, with others consolidating work between L.A. and New York.

Sony has been struggling in the past year after box office disappointments like “White House Down” and “After Earth” took a toll on their finances. They are also in public conflict with Daniel Loeb, a shareholder who argued that the studio pay more care in spending money. Sony has been working with Bain & Co. to cut about $100 million from spending.

In order to make that cut, Sony has made a series of layoffs. Last week, Sony completely shut down its Sony Pictures Interactive department and let go about 216 people in their Culver City headquarters. Before that, Sony Pictures Technologies was shut down in January and about 50 people were laid off.

Deadline Hollywood was the first to break the news.