Sony Pictures has postponed until Monday the town hall meeting over its massive hacking that was originally scheduled for Friday.

Sony employees were notified Thursday afternoon about the postponement, stemming from the heavy rains that have been forecast for Friday in Southern California.

Employees had been summoned earlier this week for an “all hands” meeting, with CEO Michael Lynton addressing the hacking.

Widespread speculation has emerged that “The Interview,” which stars James Franco and Seth Rogen as recruits in a plan to assassinate Kim Jong-un, may be the cause of the massive cyber-attack in which documents from Sony’s computer system were stolen and uploaded to the Internet. That’s resulted in the leak of confidential information about executive and star salaries, movie budgets and employees’ personal information.

Earlier Friday, Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal apologized for remarks made by her and producer Scott Rudin about President Obama in a series of stolen emails that were published online, remarks that have since been called racist by the likes of Shonda Rhimes.

The North Korean government has denied being involved in the attack, although it also has said the hacking is “a righteous deed.”