Sony Pictures Entertainment has offered identity theft protection to directors and writers who have worked for the studio and may have had their confidential information stolen and leaked.

Sony made the offer in messages sent Wednesday to members of the Directors Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America West.

The protection service is offered through AllClear ID — the same service that Sony offered its own employees in the wake of a massive leak including the personal data and Social Security Numbers of 3,803 employees.

“The DGA supports Sony in its efforts to combat any ill effects of the attack on DGA members,” the DGA said. “We do not know whether or whose personal information may have been compromised, but Sony is offering one year of identity protection at no charge to any present or former employee who requests it.”

The WGA West said that the victims of the leaked data could apply to writers who worked directly for Sony or through a loan-out company.

“The guild will continue to monitor the situation and will pass along any more information we receive from Sony,” the WGA said. “In the meantime, we suggest you consider the identity protection service Sony is offering to affected employees.”

UPDATED at 6:43 am PST: SAG-AFTRA notified its members late Thursday that Sony had asked the actors union to notify its members about the hacking and the identity theft protection offer. The message —

As has been widely reported, Sony Pictures Entertainment was recently hacked, and confidential information from their computer systems was stolen and may be publicly accessible. Sony has indicated that this compromised data may include certain personally identifiable information about current and former employees of Sony and SPE affiliated companies. This potentially includes SAG-AFTRA members who have worked or are working on Sony productions.

 Sony has asked SAG-AFTRA to forward the below message to our members to let you know what they are doing about this matter. Part of Sony’s response is to offer one year of identity protection, at no charge, to a present or former employee who requests it and who fits certain criteria they have established.

 Please note: While we appreciate any effort taken to protect our members who may be affected, SAG-AFTRA has not had any involvement in the selection or vetting of the identity protection service being offered. In addition to reviewing the below message to determine whether you qualify for the service offered by Sony, we encourage all potentially affected members to take reasonable steps to monitor your credit profile and protect your identity.